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Is Israel being isolated by laws that weaken the Supreme Court? | tv show

Months of mass protests have failed to prevent the far-right government from limiting the independence of the judiciary.

Months into Israel’s biggest protests have not stopped Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s right-wing government from pushing through a law to weaken the Supreme Court.

Its judges can no longer overturn government decisions deemed unreasonable.

Opponents across Israeli society say ministers can now do whatever they want.

Some say it will enable Netanyahu to stop his trial on corruption charges.

Supporters say the law would stop judicial interference in politics.

What does it mean for Palestinians to live under constant oppression while Israel drills its democracy and argues with itself over the law?

Presenter: Adrian Finnigan


Diana Battu – Lawyer and former legal adviser to the Palestine Liberation Organization

Judy Maltz – Senior Correspondent for Haaretz Newspapers

Hassan Jabarin – Lawyer and Founder of Adalah: Legal Center for Arab Minority Rights in Israel

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