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Can China and the United States fix their troubled relationship?

The top US diplomat has flown to Beijing in an effort to defuse months of tension.

When the superpowers are knocked out, the rest of the world worries about what might happen next.

So the top US diplomat’s visit to China is being watched closely.

Military and economic giants have failed to keep an eye on many important issues. There is rivalry and mistrust between the two sides.

But there is also a recognition, however ambivalent, that strategic rivals need each other to advance their own interests at home and abroad.

Will Anthony Blinken’s visit signal progress – or energy divide?

Presenter: Mohammad Zamjum


Einar Tangen – China Analyst and Senior Fellow, Taihe Institute

Natasha Lindstedt – Deputy Dean and Professor, University of Essex

Joseph Mahoney – Professor of Politics and International Relations, East China Normal University

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